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Poorly Named But Beneficial for Your Health – the “Fart Walk”

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First the internet made the “hot girl walk” popular and now, Tik Tok has a new fitness movement trending dubbed the “fart walk.” 

While not the most eloquently named fitness trend, gastroenterologists have spoken on the surprising health benefits of this social media craze.   

Gastro-enterologists stress the importance of digestion to properly process food and reduce bloat. One manner of helping this process along is to engage in gentle exercise after eating since the GI tract moves when your body moves. Cue the “fart walk.” 

When an individual walks, they are aiding the motility part of the digestive tract that allows the food consumed to be broken down efficiently and effectively.  

According to a study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, mild activity after a meal is enough to significantly reduce bloating, while also lessening heartburn and keeping your blood sugar in check. 

While some may feel relief passing gas on their walk, the idea is more to incorporate a little bit of exercise after eating to kick start these benefits. 

Just 10 minutes at a gentle pace can significantly aid one’s digestion.  

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