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DBA Filings



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The County of Los Angeles Registrar Recorder has changed the rules for filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement (DBA). Previously new business owners could print out and fill out a DBA form in pen and submit it to the county themselves or to a third party for filing. New regulations as of March 5, 2018 require all Fictitious Business Name Statements to be filled out online at, receive a barcode and then be printed out and filed. Manually typed, handwritten or forms without a barcode may be rejected. For more information or clarification call Valley News Group at 313-9545.

If you have already filed your DBA with the County and require the 4 weeks publishing only, we require a copy of your stamped DBA form (fax, mail, or bring to the office). The cost is $75 and we file the proof of publication with the County after the 4 weeks publishing is complete. You have 30 working days to have your DBA published after filing.



– Will the County check the business name availability for me?
No. You must check yourself whether the name is available before you file the DBA. You can search names online by visiting – go to ‘naming your business’ then ‘an internet search of name’.

– What if the name I want is already in use?
You may not use a name that is confusingly similar with one already in use. You must choose a different name.

– How many names can I file?
You can file as many names as you want. The form has space for 2 names, additional names may be listed on an attached sheet of paper, the cost is $10 per additional name.

– What if I made a mistake on the form or I want to make changes?
You cannot make any changes to the form once it has been filed. If the 4 weeks publishing is not yet complete, we can take cease the publication and thereby invalidate the filing. You would then need to complete a new form, file and publish again. If the 4 weeks has passed, you would need to file an abandonment of the DBA, then file and publish a new DBA.

– How long does the DBA last?
5 years.

– How do I renew my DBA?
You may only file a renewal if your DBA has not yet expired, and the details remain the same. In this case, the filing process is the same, but the cost is $60.00.

– If I have lost my certified copy of my DBA filing, how do I get a new one?
You can obtain a new certified copy from any LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk office for a $2 fee.

– What if I have filed my DBA but did not have it published within 30 days?
Your DBA filing will not be valid if not published within this time. You will need to start the entire process again.


Business FilingsNumber of Times PublishedCost
Fictitous Business Names4X$90.00
Renewal of Fictitious Business Name (if no changes)$60.00
Dissolution1X - publish first$55.00
Bulk Sale2X$75.00
Sale of Abandoned Property2X$55.00
Consolidated Report1X$50.00
Name Change4X$175.00* (filing fee OSC) (Must be done by an Attorney)
Declaration of Trust$50.00
Trustee Publication$125.00
Petition to Administer Estate4X$175.00
Notice of Non-Discrimination1X$50.00
Sheriff's Sale3X$95.00
Annual Return1X$50.00
Lien Sale2X$75.00

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