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Climate Activist to Address Valley Climate Reality Project

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On June 11, the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the international Climate Reality Project will host a talk on Zoom by climate and human rights lawyer Steven Donziger. 

He will relate how he won a court ruling in Ecuador, ordering Chevron to pay $9.5 billion ($12 billion today) to restore ancestral lands despoiled by the dumping of billions of gallons of cancer causing oil waste. Subsequently, the company countersued Donziger, resulting in his losing his passport, law license, bank account and being detained for almost three years. 

To date, Chevron still hasn’t paid the settlement owed to the Amazon people, and Donziger continues his battle against Chevron, while also advocating for other victims of corporate malfeasance and offering legal interpretations of human rights issues. He is currently asking for a pardon from President Biden.

As Donziger defines his principle, “This battle is not just mine. It’s a stand for justice for the planet, for Indigenous rights and corporate oppression.”

Joining Donziger at the June 11 meeting will be Lisa Oldring, an international

human rights lawyer and Senior Fellow with the UCLA Law Promise Institute.

Oldring’s research focuses on the crime of Ecocide from a human rights perspective. She will explain what ecocide is, share a brief history of the movement, how momentum is building and how this new law is being applied around the world. To date, 13 countries now have domestic ecocide laws.

Diana Weynand, Chair of the SFV Climate Reality Project chapter says, “We are so honored to have both Steven Donziger and Lisa Oldring as our guest speakers. Had we had the momentum 10 years ago with the International Ecocide movement that we have today, through organizations such as Stop Ecocide International, Steven Donziger’s story and trials would have been much different.”

The Climate Reality Project  San Fernando Valley Chapter invites everyone to join on Zoom this program of great urgency and importance. Register at For more information, visit the chapter’s website at

The Climate Reality Project is an action-focused group of volunteers founded in 2011 by Former Vice President Al Gore. Through their intensive climate science trainings, the organization fulfills its mission to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every sector of society.

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