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Woodland Hills Coyote Attack Scares Residents

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They are called “urban coyotes” and they have become so brazen that they are not afraid of humans. This was never more evident than in the broad daylight attack of a coyote on a Woodland Hills toddler last Friday. 

Her father had gotten her out of her car seat and went to the other side of the automobile. A coyote came “out of nowhere” and dragged the little girl off the lawn. The father was able to grab her away from the animal, but the coyote seemed nonplussed and hung around the street. The same coyote was thought to return to their yard that evening as well.

Coyote attacks on small animals are more prevalent. This is this paper’s second report of a coyote attacking a human. In July 2021 we reported a coyote lunged at and knocked down a woman holding a small dog.  In June of this year a coyote attacked a child in Orange County.

Residents’ complaints to the City of Los Angeles about packs of wild animals appear to go  unanswered, as the city still does not have a coyote management plan. Other SoCal cities such as Torrance and others in Orange County actively track and trap aggressive animals. 

Unless an animal attacks, Animal Control says they will only come out to “scare away” an aggressive coyote, saying, “The Department of Fish and Wildlife has never provided a removal service. The coyote is a non-game animal.”  In this instance, since the child suffered bites and scratches, they will attempt to capture, study and euthanize it.

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