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Will There Be Another “Tripledemic” This Fall?

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This fall and winter may bring another “tripledemic,” thanks to the seasonal onset of the flu, RSV and new COVID variants.

            While 2022 saw the worst of the airborne trio of illnesses, that was in large part due to recent unmasking and lack of immunity from social distancing. So, what will 2023 look like? According to the CDC, RSV typically starts mid-September and February, flu season peaks in December and February and the new COVID variants EG.5 and B.A.86 have caused a spike in recent cases lately (with hospitalizations growing about 20%) so time will tell how bad cases may get.

However, what makes this year different is that there are now vaccines to combat all three illnesses and a pending “tripledemic” will largely be determined by the public’s decision to get vaccinated or undertake protective measures. Experts suggest getting your COVID booster at the same time as your flu shot in October, and those eligible (infants, pregnant women and those of 60 years of age) to consult their doctor about the RSV vaccine. 

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