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Valley Native Son is Army’s Youngest Commissioned Officer in History

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Valley native Adam Mohiuddin is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley and was commissioned as an Army Officer through UCB’s ROTC Program. At 19 years old he became the youngest fully commissioned Army officer in United States history.

He wants to make a statement with his service. He told Valley News Group, “I believe that in modern-day America in a nation so divided that it is important for Americans to recognize the sacrifices that religious, cultural, and racial minorities go through in order to protect the US. I joined the Army because growing up I remember being discriminated against because of who I am and my identity and I strived to change that narrative in and out of uniform. I was hoping that you could possibly help me share my story to educate and inspire Americans, showing them that even young American Muslims are striving to make sacrifices to better the United States. As a Valley local I strived to represent our diversity and strive to give back to our community and the greater U.S.”


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