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‘Tis the Season to Survive College Applications – Juggling Wallets and Teen Wits!

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By Miri Rossitto

Nobody (and I mean nobody, I’m looking at all of you seasoned parents out there) warned me that college application season is akin to nails on a chalkboard. 

It’s a symphony of stress, where the screeching sound of draining bank accounts harmonizes with the relentless bickering over essay drafts. Buckle up, fellow parents, it’s going to be a bumpy, yet somehow amusing, ride!

1. Embrace the Sticker Shock: The Cost Per Application

Welcome to the world of college applications, where each application fee feels like you’re funding a small lunar mission. Yes, you’re about to discover that applying to college can cost more than a fancy dinner for two. But fear not! This is a great opportunity to teach your teen about budgeting. Just remember to breathe deeply when you see the total cost and maybe hide your credit card statements from yourself for a while.

2. Aesthetic vs. Practicality: The Teen-Parent Collaboration Chronicles

If you thought collaborating with a teenager was going to be all about logic and practicality, think again. Your teen might be more concerned about the campus vibe or which college has the coolest mascot. Meanwhile, you’re over here calculating commute times and graduation rates. It’s like trying to agree on a family movie night – only with more at stake and fewer popcorn options.

3. Major Decisions: Choosing a Path at 18

Ah, picking a major – asking a teenager to decide their entire future at 18 is like asking a toddler to pick a retirement home. They’re just getting started! It’s okay to remind them (and yourself) that it’s normal not to have everything figured out yet. Besides, half the time, they can’t even decide what to have for breakfast.

4. The Essay Marathon: A Test of Willpower (and Grammar Skills)

You thought you were done with homework, but here you are, proofreading essays at midnight. The college essay: a rite of passage where teens must sound like a Nobel laureate while you try not to rewrite the whole thing. Tip: Keep a thesaurus handy and maybe a stress ball.

5. Waiting for Responses: Practicing Patience and Distraction Techniques

Finally, after applications are submitted, welcome to the waiting game, where every email notification sends your household into a frenzy. This is a great time to take up a new hobby, like knitting or maybe bird watching – anything to distract you from refreshing that inbox every five minutes.

Remember, amidst the chaos and the expense, this is a significant time for you and your teen. So, try to enjoy the journey, laugh at the absurdity, and know that at the end of it all, you’re helping them take a big step towards their future – even if it’s a step that’s occasionally accompanied by eye rolls and sighs. And who knows, you might just miss these days when they’re gone. *sniff sniff*

Miri Rossitto is CEO of Cowe Communications. Follow them on all social @CoweOfficial or visit their website at cowe.


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