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Rogue “Hush Hush” Email from LAPD Officer Postpones Homeless Cleanup

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An email sent by LAPD Topanga Division Officer Brittney Gutierrez to local residents has been deemed “inappropriate” and has caused ripples throughout the Valley and Los Angeles communities. Gutierrez shot off an email about a scheduled cleanup of Shadow Ranch Park stating, “Everyone will be arrested and their belongings will be taken away by sanitation.” By law you cannot arrest someone just for being homeless, nor can you destroy their belongings without proper procedures.  Gutierrez’ email went on to state, “I want to make sure all are there at the encampment on the 29th so I can arrest them. This is a hush hush task force.” The email was leaked to LAPD critic William Gude and his @FilmthePolice LA website by Katherine Tattersfield, a Valley-based community homeless advocate. LAPD immediately issued a statement that the email does “not in any way represent the department’s values, policies or practices related to people experiencing homelessness.”  L.A. Mayor Karen Bass said, “I was horrified by the email.” We’ve done at least 20 Inside Safe operations, and so the spirit of that email is the exact opposite of what we believe in.”  LAPD has said that Gutierrez “will be provided extensive training by the department’s Homeless Coordinator’s Office.” 


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