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P-22 Laid to Rest in Santa Monica Mountains

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After a myriad of public events to grieve Los Angeles’ most famous mountain lion, P-22 has been laid to rest in an undisclosed location in the Santa Monica Mountains. In a private ceremony with tribal leaders, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and the National Park Service, P-22 was buried in a private ceremony. “The burial location will not be revealed to protect and preserve the site,” Beth Pratt, California regional executive director of the National Wildlife Federation, said in a statement.

P-22, famously known as “The Hollywood Cat,” was humanely euthanized on December 17 following an automobile accident that showed more extensive signs of internal declining health. His burial in the mountains was strongly advocated for by local tribal leaders who consider cougars to be sacred and argued against the idea of P-22 being placed on display at the Natural History Museum. The decision was solidified and P-22 has been buried where he spent the majority of his life, Griffith


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