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New Mountain Lion Roaming P-22’s Turf

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Wildlife enthusiasts are hopeful at the news that an untagged mountain lion has been seen roaming the grounds of Griffith Park recently, the area that the late P-22 called home. 

Vlad Polumiskov, who recorded the video of the cat, says this mountain lion is far bigger than P-22. The mountain lion was seen roaming a parking lot off Barham Boulevard before settling in a nearby tree. 

“Wilderness has not forgotten us, and so, to have another cat possibly show up here, I think, for Angelenos especially, it’s just another sense of wonder that here’s the wild word, even in the second-largest city in the country,” said Beth Pratt, a wildlife advocate with the National Wildlife Federation. Pratt further went on to praise the wildlife crossing currently being built in Agoura and urged the construction of additional crossings for animals. While experts have not been able to locate the lion again, if captured, it would be tagged as P-122.

P-22 was Los Angeles’ most famous feline. He  lived within the eight-square-miles of Griffith Park and was famously photographed with the Hollywood Sign behind him. He was euthanized in 2022 after being hit by a car and local wildlife enthusiasts memorialized him at a ceremony held at the Hollywood Bowl.

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