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Neighborhood Council Denies Del Moreno Mixed-Use Bldg.

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The Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council voted at their meeting Wednesday night to deny the application to develop a mixed-use building at 5353 Del Moreno Drive.

The proposal was to demolish an existing single-family home and develop a commercial building with 67 residential units in seven stories.

The Council argument against the project stated that, “Whereas the Applicant has submitted construction plans that do not substantially conform to the requirements of the Cahuenga Blvd. /Ventura Blvd. Specific Plan or of the RA-1 zoning of the parcel in question; and WHEREAS, the Applicant is claiming that this is a necessary project to relieve the City’s problems of not have sufficient Affordable or Low-Income housing, yet is only proposing seven low-income units while planning to offer 60 units at higher market rate rents; and WHEREAS, the requested incentive to allow an eight story building on a single family residential lot adjacent to two single story RA-1 single family lot does not appear to be warranted would cause hardship on the direct neighbors.”

The vote was 17 in favor to deny; one against.

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