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Native Spirit Lodge Now Offers Drum Circles and Sound Baths

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Native Spirit Lodge in Woodland Hills is now offering interactive group sessions of drum circles and sound baths.

Owner of the unique store, Greywolf, says that the drum circles are held every Saturday at 11 am. The free event  is in a separate room set aside for that purpose with very comfortable chairs and 14 different types of drums and soundmakers.

“Drumming can relieve anxiety, frustration and worry and let you get back to your primal spirit and make you a stronger person,” Greywolf told Valley News Group

If you get hooked on drumming they also offer drums for sale. “We have the best prices in town,” said Greywolf. “We can compete with Amazon because we buy direct.”

Native Spirit Lodge also offers sound bath sessions. They have over 100 crystal bowls. Again there is no sitting on the floor on mats. Participants sit in comfortable reclining chairs for the sessions. “This can relieve the stress of living in Los Angeles,” laughed Greywolf. “And this will align your chakras. Some people say the singing bowls offer a very healing and meditative experience.”

The Singing Bowl sessions are offered Fridays at 12 noon, Saturdays at 4 pm and Sundays at noon. The intimate room only holds six people and is usually booked so Greywolf advises booking early. Sessions are $20 per person.

Native Spirit Lodge is located at 22559 Ventura Blvd.

It offers a huge array of crystals, stones, bracelets, pendants, incense, books. tarot and oracle cards and more. It is a definitive resource for Native American crafts,  including dream catchers, pottery, wedding vases, beads, Kachina dolls, arrows, coup sticks,  breast plates, chokers, rattles, and more. Greywolf says, “Most of our items have a story behind them.” 

For more information about Native Spirit Lodge, its retail offerings, drum or singing bowl sessions, visit or call Greywolf at (818) 703-7046.

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