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Local Celebs Are Biggest Water Wasters 

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Kevin Hart
Amid the current drought in California, numerous celebrities have been fined for excessive water usage in Calabasas and Hidden Hills. While the average individual uses approximately 3,000 gallons of water in a month, famous residents like Kim Kardashian went over her water limit by 230,000 gallons, while her sister Kourtney went over 101,000 gallons over the permitted usage. Comedian Kevin Hart, who resides in Calabasas, went over budget by 117,000 gallons. Dwayne Wayde, Gabrielle Union and Sylvester Stallone are other local residents who have exceeded their monthly water budgets by 150%. 
The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District has served them with multiple notices and put them on a list of people who will receive a flow restriction device if their usage does not change. While excessive fines typically do not deter wealthy celebrities, the installation of a restriction device will drastically affect their water availability.
LVMWD’s Public Affairs and Communications Manager  Michael McNutt told Valley News Group, “The celebrities in the news recently are a small portion of the over 1600 other people on the list that have received at least four exceedance notices for using 150% more than their water budgets. All celebrities have been working with the District to immediately lower their consumption by signing commitment forms and actively making adjustments to achieve their water budgets. Celebrities have people that look up to them, follow them, want to know what they are doing. Some have millions of followers. I would like all of them to use their platforms to educate the community, and all Californians about the critical need to conserve water, why we need to do it, how they are doing it, and to lead by example. We need them to help us. I ask them to call me or get a hold of me so I can work with them. We need you.

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