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Light Up Your Holiday…Candy Cane Lane Still as Sweet

Woodland Hills Candy Cane Lane, located off Winnetka Avenue and Oxnard Street, has been a holiday favorite since 1948! 2020 has brought so many changes, and Candy Cane Lane definitely is part of that. Yes, there are fewer decorated houses than in previous years, but it is still a lovely drive to celebrate the holidays. El Segundo’s version of Candy Cane Lane, which had thousands of people walking through, shut down this year due to COVID-19. The residents of the College Acres neighborhood, which encompasses the streets of Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills, have opted to continue the celebration. From 6 to 10 pm every night until Christmas they will be bringing joy to thousands. (Drive-thru only, no pedestrian traffic allowed).

From the stars of the summer concert schedule to the stars up above, this week’s #FivePaperFriday has all the local news you’re looking for. Read about Valley Cultural’s concerts, Nighttrek and more at


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