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LA Cultural Heritage Commission Approves Blumenfield’s Effort to Preserve Bothwell Ranch

The LA Cultural Heritage Commission approved the historic designation of the Bothwell Ranch, the last major orange grove in the San Fernando Valley. Led by Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, this effort has galvanized community members and neighbors around saving this unique piece of Valley history.

Located at 5300 N. Oakdale Avenue, Tarzana, the Bothwell Ranch has been part of the West San Fernando Valley since owner Lindley Bothwell purchased the lot in 1926 to grow Valencia and Navel oranges for residents of the Valley to enjoy. The Bothwell Ranch has survived decades of rising property values and has shrunk in size to now only include 13 acres of land.

Now that the Cultural Heritage Commission has approved designation, it will go to the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUM), in which Blumenfield serves as Vice Chair, and then to the full Council for a final vote.

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