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Grassroots Petition Started to Save Jim’s BBQ

For 12 years Jim’s Fallbrook Market has been serving up barbecue hot from their parking lot grills every weekend with no issues. A neighborhood favorite until now, a new resident on Califa Street behind the market has complained about the smoke for months, and threatened to take his complaints to the city. Jim’s manager Corey McQuaid told Valley News Group, “We’ve tried everything to work with him. We’ve moved the bbq itself all over the parking lot to where we can’t smell it, but he still complains.” One loyal customer, Brennan Decrow, posted the issue on Facebook and started a grass-roots “Help Us Stay” sign-up sheet, which to date has 1,000 signatures. The petition from loyal customers is a tool McQuaid said is to help them make their case to the city. You can sign the petition weekends at the market at 5947 Fallbrook Avenue.

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