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Funding Approved for Extended Stay Homeless Hotel 

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This week Governor Gavin Newsom moved to approve millions in funding to convert more hotels into permanent housing through the state’s Project Homekey program. This round of funding includes the Extended Stay on Ventura Blvd which cost $70M for 247 rooms. Earlier this year, Councilman Blumenfield successfully passed City legislation that pending this funding decision, the site would serve only seniors. 

“Our seniors are one of the most vulnerable populations in the community,” said Blumenfield.  “Per the last LAHSA Homeless Count, there were over 100 homeless seniors in our district alone and without creating more housing for them, there are very few options right now for many older Angelenos.” 

This follows the State’s earlier approval of the proposal submitted by LA County to convert the 818 Hotel for interim housing for families. Similarly, Blumenfield pushed the County to designate the 818 site to serve only unhoused families with someone under the age of 18. 

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