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For One Car Chase Suspect, It’s All Downhill

A car chase that ended in Woodland Hills left the car and driver stuck on a fence just above Ventura Blvd. near Woodlake Bowl.

The suspect, wanted for assault with a deadly weapon, took off on the wrong  side of Ventura after exiting the freeway. He made a left onto Royer, and then a right onto Del Valle, which runs south of and parallel to Ventura Blvd. Unfortunately for him, Del Valle is a dead end. 

After being followed by police and seeing no way out, the suspect booked it over the curb  and down the steep hillside, only to be stopped by a fence bordering Ventura, in front of a homeless encampment of motor homes. 

A police standoff ensued, with the homeless being escorted from the location to a safer spot. The standoff lasted several hours, while the suspect, reportedly on drugs, acted irrationally and spray painted his windshield.  Eventually police pepper sprayed the car, forcing the suspect to flee. He was then subdued by a police dog and taken to Northridge Hospital for minor injuries. He was later booked on a variety of felonies including assault and violating a restraining order. 

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