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Feel Good Story – Helping a Patient Having a “Ruff” Time

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The holiday season is not a great time to get sick. A West Valley woman needed emergency care but was reluctant to go to the hospital because it meant leaving her dog, Luau, alone with no one to care for him.

She was a regular patient at West Hills Hospital, so she called and spoke with Jennifer Richter, the ER Social Worker,  and explained the situation.

Richter jumped into gear and knowing the  woman’s health was at risk, called the paramedics to tend to the patient.

But she went a step further.

Richter drove to the woman’s home, collected Luau, and assured her that the eight-pound Chihuahua would be in good hands. Richter, being an avid dog lover, then took the dog into her own home, and cared for Luau until the woman’s health improved.

Why did she do it?

Richter said, “Because that’s what we do here. We always put our patient’s first.”