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Drive-In Movies Coming to West Valley

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They’re nostalgic, they’re fun, and these days, they’re the way we’re going to watch movies on a big screen.

Drive-in movies are making a comeback all over the nation, and we can look forward to seeing them soon in the West Valley.

Valley Cultural Foundation  will be bringing 10 movies to a local venue within the month. They are waiting on the county Health Department to get the go-ahead, and will soon be streaming for free “G”- and “PG”- rated films to your car stereo. No more hooking a speaker onto your window and hoping it doesn’t fall off mid-movie. Digital streaming will allow you to see featured films on the giant screen while self-isolating safely within your own car.

Last week another firm, Kilburn Live, created a stir when they put up a prototype big screen on the Northrup Grumman parking lot on Canoga to test it for L.A. Building and Safety. According to Kilburn officials, they are also awaiting approval from the Health Department before possibly moving ahead with plans  to show movies in the valley.

Valley Cultural will also be showing eight films in NoHo. For updated information check


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