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Developer Proposes Alternate Plan for Treeland

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During an October 6 presentation to the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Council, Toll Brothers has come back with an alternate plan for the Boething Treeland property. According to Brad Rosenheim of Rosenheim & Associates, the four Boething sisters who inherited Treeland listened to the community and decided to rethink the plan, which originally included an 87-bed, 60,000 square foot memory care facility, 70 small lot homes, 26 estate sized homes and an additional 25 small lot homes on the triangle piece of land on the east side of Valley Circle. The alternate plan now proposes to eliminate the assisted care facility and instead build 24 single family homes on 70×100 lots and  39 homes on 55×100 lots. That includes seven homes on the triangle section on the east side of Valley Circle Blvd. Two entrances are now proposed, one connecting with Ventura Blvd. and one possibly connecting across Valley Circle. The plan calls for topping off the large hill and flattening it to make room for the larger homes. There would be no access on Long Valley Road. No renderings are yet available.