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Celebrating the Re-Opening of Old Town Calabasas

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Representatives from the Calabasas City Council, Calabasas City staff, and members of the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce joined with local business owners and other dignitaries on Wednesday to mark the “reopening” of Calabasas Old Town. “The renovation features new landscaping and other improvements designed to enhance the “Old West” look and feel of the area, while increasing pedestrian safety and the overall user experience,” said Calabasas Mayor David Shapiro. Preservation of the historic core was the “number one goal of the renovation,” Robert Yalda, Calabasas Public Work Director, told the group. Shown above, l to r: Calabasas City Manager Kindon Meik, City Councilmembers Ed Albrecht and Peter Kraut, Mayor Shapiro, and Councilmembers Alicia Weintraub and James Bozajian.