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Calabasas Water Wasters May Get Taps Turned Down

You can’t shut it off completely, but the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District is warning its most egregious water wasters that they may turn their taps down if they don’t comply with new restrictions. Some of the “more wealthy” residents of the area, according to Mayor Mary Sue Maurer, have no problem ignoring water restrictions in their outside watering. Fines attached to their water bills aren’t keeping them from keeping their lawns green.  “It appears there has been a lackluster response to the water emergency,” she said. According the LVMWD’s Public Affairs Director Michael McNutt, they are dealing with “The ability for affluent customers to significantly exceed their water budgets consistently since money is not a deterrent.” However, the warning has gone out that if they don’t reduce voluntarily and meet the 15% reduction goal, they may get their water supply reduced by the district. 

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