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Local Hospitals Get First Doses of Vaccine

On Wednesday, Los Angeles marked the deadliest day of the pandemic, yet hope arrived as vaccines were delivered to local valley hospitals.

With 22,422 new cases reported, and 138 deaths in just one day, the need for the vaccine was never more apparent. The mechanics of storing the vaccine at minus 70 degrees Celsius, setting up in-hospital clinics, and deciding who would get the first shot were daunting, but all the hospitals surveyed stepped up to the plate and indeed, celebrated the arrival of hope in a syringe.

Blair Galbreath, Director of Pharmacy at Northridge Hospital, received the first supply of emergency use vaccines and shared, “As I reflect on all of the healthcare workers working so hard and tirelessly on behalf of our patients, I hope this vaccine will be the beginning of the end to this nightmare. I’m proud to be a pharmacist and proud to be a part of such a great team at Dignity Health Northridge Hospital.”

At West Hills Hospital, nurses working on the COVID floor were the first to receive the vaccine. Elissa Stubblefield from the COVID ward received the first shot from Dajonae Jackson, an ER nurse.

Nurses at Providence Cedars Sinai Tarzana cheered as the first group received their shots. “We feel like we’re making history and protecting our friends, family and coworkers,” one nurse said.

Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills staff made a celebration out of receiving and administering the shots.

Elissa Stubblefield and Dajonae Jackson at West Hills Hospital, staff at Providence Cedars Sinai Tarzana and Blair Galbreath at Dignity Northridge Hospital.

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