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Any L.A. Resident Can Get Tested for Virus Without Symptoms

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday that any L.A. County resident can get tested for COVID-19, whether or not they have symptoms of the disease. Garcetti said the city has the testing capacity for anyone who wants one – a key to lifting stay-at-home orders. “We have been opening up each night to more and more people, and still at the end of the day we have those tests that are left over,” he said. “We had the confidence that we could move forward with testing more people.” He added that although Los Angeles could be the first  major city in the nation to offer free testing to any resident. 

You must still apply online for an appointment at You may ask for a testing site locally; a testing site opened in Warner Center at 6097 Canoga Avenue (the old Anthem headquarters) on April 16. 

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