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An Encino Attack that Had the Community Buzzing

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In a local news story that has had the community buzzing, a swarm of bees attacked two Valley residents in Encino earlier this week. 

Reports indicate that a call came in to the LAPD Monday afternoon, declaring a large bee swarm in the 17100 block of West Adlon Road. Residents were warned to stay indoors and close all windows and doors. 

During this time, one individual was repeatedly stung and a volunteer assigned to the LAPD West Valley division was swarmed so aggressively that he fell and fractured his eye socket. Both were treated on scene and then transported to a local hospital for further assistance. 

A professional bee-removal contractor was called to the scene to remove the hive that was under the roof of a nearby home. Animal control experts also sprayed pesticide, which releases a smell to deter the bees from returning. 

Experts have suggested that some kind of disruption to their hive may have aggravated the bees to swarm. Since bees sting to defend their colony, and a sting releases a pheromone to attract other bees, the situation escalated quickly.


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