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Online Prank Leads Homeless to Tarzana Mansion to Find Shelter

Countless homeless have shown up at a Tarzana mansion looking for shelter only to be turned away by the residents who are becoming increasingly frustrated that their home is listed as a safe haven for transients. Turns out, it’s all a cruel prank.

Listed on Google Maps as a mansion dubbed the “Ice Poseidon Homeless Shelter,” accompanying pictures show rows of cots with personal belongings tucked in organized bins and even a communal dining area. Look closer and you’ll even see a slew of positive reviews, raving about the shelter and its offerings.

In reality, there is no homeless shelter.

Rather, it’s the result of prankster fans of 24-year old streamer Paul Denino, who goes by the name of “Ice Posedion.”

In a world where everything happens online, Denino has made himself famous from live recording his daily actions on his YouTube channel. His fans comment live, dare him to partake in certain acts and pay him when he follows through in real time. The biggest appeal to fans is when he takes part in various pranks, allowing himself and others to be the brunt of the joke. Homeless people play a large part in many of his videos and were usually invited back to his house, prompting fans to jokingly tag his Tarzana residence online as a shelter.

While his fans enjoy his shenanigans, Denino has had interactions with law enforcement over the years, so much so that the FBI swarmed his Tarzana residence in March over a false tip. Denino moved into this aforementioned Tarzana mansion in February thanks to the help of investors who were interested in turning his video lifestyle into a type of reality television series. However, the deal fell through and Denino now lives in Texas. Yet, the belief that the shelter exists is still online thanks to his fans who not only created the hoax but continue to perpetuate this idea.

Droves of homeless people continue to show up on the Tarzana doorstep, only to be turned away. Those that have traveled the distance only to learn it’s not a shelter have turned to camping out in the yard and nearby areas, leading to multiple complaints from the neighborhood association.

While Google does have a policy about removing fake content, it is easy for fans to simply just repost the information online. Google is constantly working to shut internet hackers down and yet, they simply find new loopholes to generate their own content. 

Denino claims he has attempted to rectify the situation many times but to no avail. While many of his fans enjoy his content, many are also vindictive in trying to place Denino in a bad light. His agency still receives multiple phone calls from people trying to get more in-formation on the so-called shelter, only to have their hopes dissipated.

While Denino has built his fame on jokes, supposedly making up to $60,000 a month, this situation is certainly serious for the hundreds who are struggling to find shelter.

While the location is currently still active on Google Maps, there is a disclaimer that the area is permanently closed.

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